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Dear Friends,

We have Four outstanding Keynotes for you at the May 1-2, 2015 Johnny Hunt Women’s Conference.  Pastor Johnny and his special guests, Kelly Minter and Dr. Charles Lowery, will captivate you!  We still have room for you!  Our Keynote Topics are:
2015 JHWC Keynotes
Pastor Johnny - Topic: “Living with the End in Mind” - Pastor Johnny’s Keynote will be based on Psalm 119: 31 and following, teaching on new beginnings, knowing what to ask for and principles that lead to a fresh start.  
Kelly Minter - Topic: “Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy” - Kelly’s two Keynotes will be based on the book of Ruth, walking the listener through the tragic lows and surprising heights of the lives of Ruth, Boaz, and Naomi. Through devastating loss, genuine love, and an unshakable legacy, we find that God is the true hero of this story. This book specifically speaks to hope, grace, forgiveness, love, and the glory of redemption as fulfilled in Christ.
Charles Lowery – Topic: “From Success to Significance” -  Dr. Lowery’s Keynote will have you laughing at yourselves as he teaches how to change your self-defeating habits to self-enabling actions.  The principles shared will allow you to upgrade your emotional baggage to first-class living. These timeless Biblical truths will enable you to develop your God-given potential and move beyond success to significance.
This will be our best Conference to date.  Kelly Minter is an outstanding author, speaker and singer and Dr Lowery is a world class psychologist and motivational trainer who will keep you in stitches as he challenges you!
We look forward to serving you!


In His Grace,

FBCW Women’s Ministry


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